Manta Ray Necklace

Manta Ray Necklace

"Manta Ray" 

Adjustable necklace in sterling silver & Amythest.

In folklore, the giant fish is almost always seen as a supernatural monster of the deep, a bad omen at best. The Chilean people are believed to be referencing the Manta Ray when describing the creature they call the Glyryvilu, a giant man eating water serpent with the head of a fox. They describe it is as being round and flat with eyes all along its edge. Many to this day will not enter the water when reports of a sighting are floating around,

Pirates and early sailors believed refered to the Manta Ray as the Devil Fish, a name still used to describe its smaller relative (the Manta). They likened the creature to the giant squid and water dragons, spreading stories that it would attach itself to a ships anchor and drag it down into the depths of the ocean.

The Manta Ray necklace holds true to both the natural and supernatural ceature, invoking the spirit of both elegance and deadly grace.